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With Spring’s arrival usually it’s the time for us all to start clearing our wardrobes of our Winter woollies and start getting optimistic about the Summer ahead. FYI Summer in Ireland is around April/May, after that we’re pretty much back to Winter!

If you are embarking on a wardrobe Spring clean, be ruthless. If you find an item lurking in the back of the press that you are unsure about chucking, ask yourself why it’s been left back there. Try it on in front of a full length mirror and be honest with yourself. If you have doubts, chuck it in the recycling bag safe in the knowledge that someone, somewhere will be very grateful for it. 

If, however, your reasons for abandoning clothes that you like are because you need to make an effort to find a specific bra for it or it’s prone to the odd wardrobe malfunction, then it’s well worth checking out’s Magic Shaping range. 

We have a large selection of bra clips, strapless bras, shaping dresses, bum boosters, boob boosters, nipple covers, shoulderpads & more - most items are under a tenner and this even includes postage (Irl & NIrl)

Going Solo

I recently read an article where masturbation was described as “having sex with someone you love” and I thought, what a perfect description.

If you don’t “love yourself” then you really don’t have much of an idea of what you like in bed. Most women use toys for pleasure, while it’s not necessary, it definitely is much more fun and that’s what FunFactory @ SLEEK.IE are all about - FUN!

If you like the idea of trying a sex toy but are mortified at the thought of heading off to buy one in a sex shop then shopping online is the way to go! Not only do you get to browse at your own convienience, it’s also very quick and easy to look up a wide range of reviews of the toy you like to see if it matches what you are looking for. 

I’m always happy to answer any questions, just email All our toys come from the FunFactory range. Their toys have won awards, they are easy to use and best of all they’re FANTASTIC!

All orders are packed in discreet packaging and delivery within Ireland is FREE! Until Feb 14th, all toys come with their own free toybag and to help spread the love, enter “BLOG” into the voucher section at checkout for 10% off your 1st order. 

It can happen to the best of us!

Don’t worry Eva, it happens to the best of us. 

Poor aul Eva Longoria was happily posing for the cameras at the Golden Globe awards when disaster struck. She bent over to untangle her Emilio Pucci dress but rather then saving her embarressment, it caused her to show a bit more then just cleavage!

If you want to avoid your own red carpet wardrobe malfunction, then checkout’s range of MagicBody Fashion quick fix solutions now with 20% Off!

Happy Shopping!

Valentines is fast approaching and it can be hard to think of an original present to buy the love of your life, but as always, is happy to help!

 I’m not really a hearts n’ flowers kind of girl and I’m really not into going out on Valentines Day, especially when staying in can be so much fun!

Believe it or not, sex is the foundation on which lovers relationships are based. Great sex involves intimacy, chemistry, trust, care and communication, not to mention fun, all the things that a good relationship needs to stay strong. Whether you are a new couple or have been together for years, Valentines is the perfect excuse to turn up the heat in the bedroom (and I’m not talking about turning on the rads for an extra half hour!) have a sensational range from FunFactory guaranteed to put a smile on your partners face. 

Stimulate the senses and give flight to fantasy with Kissable Body Paint. Available in high quality, great tasting natural flavours of Chocolate or Strawberry, it can be applied to your lovers body using your finger or brush and easily removed with your tongue!

Or why not try the award winning YOOO massager & vibrator, 3 fun little balls that are 100% waterproof and entices users to experiment - for endless pleasure!

Until the 14th Feb, all toys will come with a FREE gift of either a ToyBag or a magnetic charger. Just enter your preference into the comments area upon checkout. As always, Irish delivery is FREE! 

Last Minute Stocking Fillers!!

Hurry Hurry only 8 more sleeps and are calling last orders!

For those looking for last minute stocking fillers, check out our new Funfactory range!

You know he’s going to buy you undies, how about you buy him something in return?

For a romantic night in, try our massage oil and kissable, edible, bodypaint…for those looking for a little more then romance…well, we have something for everyone - and gift cards for the undecided! 

So don’t be shy, put a smile on his/her…YOUR face with

Quick fix for Christmas…

Christmas Parties are in full swing, followed by Christmas lunches, Christmas drinks, let’s be honest, December is just one big party!

For men that means making sure their favourite shirt and jeans are clean. For us girls, it means finding a different outfit for every occasion. These days, not many of us can afford to fork out for 3 new outfits so I suggest taking a look in the back of your wardrobe to see what you already have.

Mix and match as much as you can. Wear last years dress with some new shoes. Even just adding different accessories can make a big difference. have a wide range of quick fixes most are under a tenner. To save on buying new bras check out our Magic Clips, which allows shoulder straps to be worn different ways so that bra straps are no longer visible. At €4.95, they are an absolute bargain!

Need to go braless but could do with defying gravity - check out Eve’s bra @ €28.99, Freedom Form adhesive strips @ €14.99 or Lift up Form @ €16.99. 

To boost those Bangers (as Gok would say!) Sticky Push Ups @ 14.95 or for a more natural look Water Soft Push Ups (€14.95) look fantastic.

We also have a range of very competitively priced shapewear to pull in and smooth out lumps and bumps and if you are planning your own private Christmas party, check out our FunFactory range!

Delivery is FREE within Ireland. Happy Shopping!

"You know that ball thing…What does THAT do?"…

Since I announced that is now stocking a small range of FunFactory adult toys, I’ve received a few enquiries regarding some of the toys. By far the most common question I get asked is “What is that ball thing and what does it do”?

"That ball thing" aka Smartballs Teneo comes in one ball for beginners, or two balls for the more advanced! These are vaginal balls which you insert inside yourself. They help train the pelvic muscles and get them back in shape. Great for women with a dropped or tilted uterus or for those who have had a few pregnancies and would like to tighten up their vaginal muscles. Trained muscles lead to more feeling during sex and can help prevent incontinence problems in older age.

They are easy to insert and they are extremely quiet when in use.

Smartball Teneo Uno (1 ball) - €18.00

Smartball Teneo Duo (2 ball) - €20.00

For any further questions, please feel free to email

Forget the nice list, naughty is much more fun!

Back in the olden days, being on the naughty list would mean a sack full of coal, but there’s much better ways to keep warm during these dark cold Wintery nights! has a new range of adult toys in stock! All are from the aptly named "Fun Factory" and make ideal stocking fillers with a difference, guaranteed to keep everyone in a very festive mood! 

From vibrators to cock rings, to kissable bodypaint and pretty little toybags, we have something that will suit everyones taste and budget. 

All our packaging is discreet and I am always happy to help if you have questions or need advice -

OMG It’s almost December and despite my best intentions, I’ve nothing bought! If you’re like me, ie) A feckin ride who’s super disorganised and addicted to procrastination, well fear not. I’ve some little pressie ideas that are not only thoughtful but can be ordered from the comfort of your couch, while you wear jammies & lol at random crap on youtube….

With Masterchef on every night along with various other cookery programmes, it’s pretty easy to spot the foodie in our lives. These people are probably the easiest to buy for - once you know where to look!

Tara Hammond at came up with a fab concept of using slate as a plate! I love these starter plates, they come in packs of 2 and can be used to serve your starter, nibbles or even as a cool cheese board. A complete bargain at only €24. For those of you with €64 burning a hole in your pocket, you can buy me….I mean… whoever, these wood and slate platters. They are seriously stylish and not only can be used as a serving platter, they can also be turned over and used as a chopping board! Clever!

Impact Cakes by Nicola is another favourite of mine. Do yourself a favour and “like” her facebook page. Her photo album which showcases her creations is just amazing (and often her tongue in cheek style will make you LOL so be careful if you’ve just taken a mouthful of tea!) She also runs various cake classes throughout the year which would make an ideal gift for someone who loves to bake and wants to learn how to do all the “fancy stuff”! 

For the cuddly people in your life, Christina from Red Rufus Sock Dogs makes the softest, cutest little toy dogs out of, yep, socks! Rufus is her gorgeous red setter and inspiration, hence the name. Each and every sockdog is unique and handmade, they can also be personalised and gift wrapped and delivery is super fast!

If you know someone who would appreciate some handmade Irish jewellery then check out Carol Shaw Jewellery. Each piece is unique and Carol is currently selling 2013 calenders in aid of The Sunshine House and Laura Lynn Foundation which is a fantastic cause. Along with this, she is very generously giving a free gift worth €15 to anyone who purchases these calenders, so you get a nice reward for your good deed leaving you feeling doubly snug inside!

Last but by no means least, there’s little ol’ me -!

Now I have to be VERY careful about suggesting to people that you give anything from my site as a gift as it could possibly get you a box in the face! For this reason, I’ll do a separate blog on gift giving from later on.

For the moment, you can think about yourself! Take that party dress out and try it on in front of a full length mirror and just this once listen to that critical inner voice! We all have lumps and bumps we’d like to be rid of, boobs we’d like to pull up past our bellybuttons and maybe something to cover your nipples to stop people muttering “tune in radio Moscow” as you walk past….or does that just happen to me? Hmmm. Anyway, moving swiftly on… Prices are extremely competitive, most of my shapewear is under €20 and most of the quick fix solutions are under a tenner. So if you can see an area that you wish was a little different then check us out on or email me for advice 

Most of all enjoy the run up to Christmas, and remember it really honestly is the thought that counts so don’t get your knickers in a twist!

Happy Shopping! xxx 

Quick Fix Fashion Solutions

Yay it’s almost December when the party season is officially in full swing. Whether it’s the office party or 12 pubs of Christmas, everyone makes a special effort to glam up and sparkle. Shops are stacked full of fab tops and dresses (Autumn/Winter is always my favourite fashion season!) and men often wonder why it takes so long for women to shop for something as simple as a single outfit. But as we all know, there is NOTHING simple about shopping. 

Not only does an outfit have to fit and flatter your body shape, ladies also have to take into account the type of material (will my nipples show through this) the style (will my bra straps show? Can I get away with no bra?) and the sex appeal (if only my boobs were a bit bigger!)

Thankfully have a wide range of quick fix fashion solutions, most for under a tenner and all with FREE DELIVERY in Ireland. If you are unsure about the best solution for your outfit, please email for advice. Happy Shopping!


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